Wednesday, July 02, 2008

thank you...

Today is my last broadcast here at CBS46 and I just wanted to thank everyone for such a wonderful 3 years. While I was always content with working in a small market... being able to work in your hometown (especially when it is a top 10 market) and at the station you interned at in college is a dream come true. I am so glad that I did it.

It has been such a great experience because I have gotten to work with so many talented people that taught me so much. I have also been able to meet so many wonderful viewers at events around town and of course at the hundreds of schools I have visited. To each of you... I thank you. Your hospitality was welcomed and appreciated.

The above pictures came in this week from dedicated viewers. The top one is of mammatus clouds sent in by Chris Buff while the one below is of a beautiful sunset send in by a viewer in Loganville.

As for what is next... the goal is to hang around Atlanta a while longer and pursue some other opportunities here (maybe TV, maybe Starbucks... I'm not sure yet). :-)

I wish you all the best.

Chris Smith

P.S. Laura promises me she will do a better job to keep this blog updated! ;-)


Anonymous said...

You will be greatly missed, right now I am trying to find another station, another meteorologist.....

Wishing you the very best and hoping you'll be somewhere on air where I can watch you!

But, hey--if you do wind up at Starbucks I'll take an iced mocha latte, ristretto!

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