Thursday, June 19, 2008

low lakes...

With summer season in full swing it means folks are busy enjoying their neighborhood pools and lakes. While the winter rains helped ease the drought a little replenish many of our lakes, some remain low and continue to get lower. (Check the current lake levels here)

Lake Lanier peaked this spring at 1057.80' on May 24th. That was still more than 13' below full pool!! Since then the lake has dropped almost a foot to 1056.85'. One of the major reasons why is because now that we are into the summer season the sun evaporates nearly .2" of water every day. During the winter very little rain is evaporated because of the low sun angle.

You can do a simple experiment and notice the difference the summer sun makes. Pour a cup of water on the pavement in the sun and time how long it takes to evaporate. Then, pour a cup of water on the driveway in the shade. With full sunshine, the water evaporates much more quickly.

Even with above average rainfall during the summer it is very tough for the lakes to rise much because of the sun. The forecast for the area lakes over the month ahead shows Lake Lanier is expected to drop another foot! So, even with average to above average rainfall our lakes will drop. That's why is is so important that we all do our part to conserve!

A great resource for conservation is called Watersmart. They are a local organization committed to water conservation!

Have a great weekend and hopefully you will enjoy some of those scattered storms around the area.


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