Friday, May 23, 2008

more severe weather...

This past Tuesday we had yet another round of severe weather across northern Georgia.

This round of storms produced our 9th tornado of the year... this time in Cherokee County. The storms started around 4pm and lasted until after 9pm. We were on continuously between 6:30 and 8 as the storms rolled through the heart of the metro area. We also got some good pictures from viewers. The picture at the top of this blog entry is one of the best pictures that has been sent to me in my career. It is of a 'clear slot' that results from a 'Rear Flank Downdraft'. Tornadoes rarely occur without a RFD. In this case, we ended up with a tornado that hit Cherokee County.

Although we did have the 1 tornado, most places reported quite a bit of hail damage. The above picture was taken by a friend of mine who lives in Augusta. That's some big hail!!! Below is a map of all the areas that reported hail, wind, or tornado damage. After the worst of the storms passed, I went outside and was able to snap this picture of mammatus clouds over the studios of CBS46. You can see many more storm pictures on our website at Also, here is some hail video that Tracy Thornton sent in from McDonough. This hail fell from a storm at 4pm on Tuesday. Crazy stuff!

As for the upcoming weekend, it is looking warm and pretty dry so have a safe and happy Memorial Day!


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