Saturday, May 31, 2008

drought update...

Although we still desperately need rainfall to continue to improve our drought situation (we are 4.93" down in 2008 & -11.90" June '07-June'08)) the latest drought update says that things are continuing to get better... although very slowly. The above graphic shows the most recent drought statement while the one to the left shows the drought statement from mid-late May. The area lakes are remaining close to full pool with the exception of Lanier which is still a good 13' down. Lake Hartwell on the GA/SC border continues to remain quite low.

It is amazing how a relatively short difference can make a difference between flood and drought. This map shows the areas of flood with green, blue, and purple and areas of below normal rainfall in yellow, orange, and red. This map is covers a period from last October. A persistent ridge of high pressure over the Southeast keeps the heaviest rainfall away from the state of Georgia. This is also the time frame that we have seen an improvement in our drought. Basically, our drought had gotten so bad last year that below average rainfall since last fall has actually improved things.

If there is some more good news, the drought is expected to improve somewhat this summer...

Finally, I want to thank Constance Benegar of Sterling, VA. for sending me this amazing picture of a double rainbow with a lightning strike in the distance! The photo was taken in Warrenton, VA. (about 45 miles from D.C.).

Looks like some of those storms that have been way to our north will impact the metro area later this week!


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