Sunday, April 20, 2008

times are a changing...

Our weather producer, Jason Disharoon, sent me this article this afternoon that I thought some of you fellow weather geeks who read this blog might enjoy.

Jetstream Moving

The gist of the story is that researchers believe global warming is pushing the jet stream further north. How does that impact us? Well, the jet stream is the river of fast moving air that steers weather systems around the world. If the jet stream moves further north then rain producing weather systems would stay further north. That means less rain in the south. That being said, we would also see more tropical activity because if the jet stream was not further south them tropical systems would be more likely to form.

As you read below the other week, I was at a weather conference in the Bahamas. There were several interesting presentations with respect to the cause of global warming. You can watch several of the presentations as well as a heated exchange between Dr. William Gray of Colorado State and Dr. Tom Knutson here at the Bahamas Weather Conference webpage.

Have a great week. It looks pretty nice.


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