Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I would be remiss on this Earth Day if I did not congratulate the kids at LaBelle Elementary School in Marietta for winning the first annual waterSmart rain barrel of fun contest.

The 2nd grade students of teachers Cory Babcock and Altonese Wisdom beat 4 other schools in the contest. The kids were given 2 weeks to design and paint their rain barrels. The goal... to learn about the importance a little change can make in the effort to conserve water.

The rain barrels were judged on the categories of creativity, artistic ability and team work, with extra bonus points awarded for display of water conservation knowledge.

Just because the contest is over does not mean the conservation is... all the rain barrels will stay on the campus of the respective schools to help provide a conservation friendly alternative to supplemental watering for landscaping.

Not that the kids needed any moitivation... the winning students from LaBelle Elementary School will receive an ice cream party from waterSmart.

You can learn more about waterSmart, all they do for our community, and what you can do to help conserve by clicking here.

Happy Earth Day!


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