Sunday, March 16, 2008

a wild 24 hours....

Finally... some quiet weather after what was probably the wildest 24 hours of my career.

It all started Friday night when an EF-2 tornado moved right through the heart of Atlanta. The tornado touched down just West of the Georgia Dome and lifted back into the sky shortly after striking the Cabbagetown neighborhood in East Atlanta. To see all the broken windows in the skyscrapers, furniture in the streets, and see the water in the Georgia Dome was amazing.

Before we could regroup another round of storms moved through around 6am and then the big round of storms hit northern Georgia Saturday afternoon. Although Friday's storm has stolen the headlines, most of the damage and storm reports occurred on Saturday. So many of you viewers sent us pictures and video of the storm damage. If you have some pictures or video you want to share just log onto and upload yours!

I would be remiss if I did not thank all of my co-workers here at CBS46 for all their help and hard work in covering the storms. Because of all of their hard work I think we were able to help save lives. In the end, two people lost their lives Saturday, but when you look at the pictures of the damage, you know it could have been much, much worse.

The weather will be quiet through Tuesday.




Eclecticpath said...

No one has really said just how many storms actually passed the state of Georgia from Friday night to Saturday night. Curious minds would like to know.

Anonymous said...

So far the NWS has confirmed 3 tornadoes in Georgia on Friday/Saturday.

1. Downtown Atlanta Friday night (F-2)

2. Polk/Floyd/Bartow Counties Saturday around 12-1pm (F-3)

3. Jefferson County Saturday evening (F-2)

Anonymous said...

A 4th tornado was identified in Butts County when a storm survey was done Monday. This one was rated an F-0.