Sunday, March 09, 2008

in like a lion...

Although it took a few extra days... the beginning of March is finally beginning to live up to its 'lion-like' reputation!

Just as northern Georgia looked like it had avoided the severe weather on Friday a small storm developed shortly after 7pm Friday night and produced an EF-1 tornado with estimated winds near 110 mph. The storm moved through Douglas County causing damage to 50 homes, destroying 1 mobile home, and causing significant damage to a grocery store. To see video from the scene you can click here.

The storm developed along Hampton Mill Drive (4 miles SE of Douglasville) and started moving to the NE at 40 mph.

The storm tracked 7 miles with a maximum width of 100 yards. 110 mph winds puts it on the high end of and EF-1 on the new Enhanced Fujita scale.

The storm finally dissipated, after crossing I-20, along Vulcan Drive near Beaver Run Creek which is 5 miles E-NE of Douglasville.

Just as quickly as the severe weather moved out the cold weather moved in. Enough moisture lingered to cause snow flurries across the metro area. In the mountains a little more than an 1" of snow piled up in places. Thanks to Lola Jewell for sending the below pictures of her home near Ellijay.

Lets hope as we head toward mid-March that the weather will start acting a little more like a lamb!

Have a great week and enjoy the milder days ahead.


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