Friday, March 28, 2008

cool tornado pictures...

Surfing around the internet I found some kinda cool webcams that show what went on right before and after the tornado earlier this month. While you do not see the tornado itself you can see come pretty cool things.

There are two in particular that you should check out. I will post the pictures I am talking about, but the actual program enables you to zoom in etc so you might want to go to this website...

-Click on the one for The Atlantic (a new condo tower in Atlantic Station)
-Adjust the date back to Friday, March 14th
-Click on the 9:39 and 9:55 images and notice how the crane (red) completely spins around as the storm passes!!!


-Click on the one for Allen Plaza
-Adjust the date back to Friday, March 14th
-Click on the 9:33 and 9:57 images and notice how the lights go out and you can see where the hole is in the dome!

I hope you enjoyed the nice weather over the past few days. The weekend is looking a little cool and damp.



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