Friday, February 15, 2008

the sky is falling!!!

OK, well maybe not the sky, but broken satellite's may be falling!

If you have watched the news you have probably heard about the U.S. satellite that is falling back to Earth. The scary thing about it is that the experts can not say for sure where the satellite will crash. Will it hit land? Will it fall into the water?

Because of the uncertainty, the U.S. has decided to try and shoot the satellite down so that as it comes into the Earth's atmosphere it will be more likely to burn up rather than have debris fall from the sky (the satellite is about the size of a bus).

The cool thing is that as the satellite continues to fall back toward Earth you can actually see it with you own eyes as it passes over the metro area.

To see where the satellite currently is just click here.

To see when you might be able to see it pass over Atlanta just click here.

The keys to seeing it will be to have a night with pretty clear skies (the forecast calls for cloudy weather over the days ahead) as well as being in an area with less light pollution. The satellite will look like a star (bright white light) moving smoothly across the sky.

The plan is to try and shoot the satellite down in the next week or two so you better catch it before it's too late!!


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