Saturday, February 16, 2008


Since the weather does not look like it will cooperate for us to see the satellite (see below entry) we have a chance to witness a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday night (2/20). This will be our last total lunar eclipse for almost 3 years (Dec. 2010).

The eclipse will start at 8:43pm, become total between 10:01pm & 10:51pm, and end at 12:09am.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Moon passes through the shadow of Earth. Typically the moon takes on a reddish tint as it passes through the Earth's shadow. The reason is while a human's shadow is black because of the the Earth's atmosphere, the light of the sun is bent as it passes through the edge of our atmosphere causing the Earth's shadow to appear red.

Right now the weather looks good for the eclipse so get ready to enjoy it!


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Anonymous said...

If you have binoculars laying around the house,don't hesitate to use it.Watching with binoculars few minutes before and in total eclipse phase is quite spectacular.During total lunar eclipse you will notice sky darken and more stars appear, cause by diminish moonlight.Also look for Regulus(brightest star of constellation Leo)top of the Moon and yellowish Saturn lower left of the Moon.I know I will be outside watching the event.Just hoping skies is clear.