Sunday, January 27, 2008

all good things...

All good things much come to an end. We have all probably heard it a 1000 times in our lives, but yet there always seem to moments when it is an appropriate thing to say.

As you know, Gene Norman, the chief meteorologist here at CBS46 left to take a similar position at KHOU in Houston last week. Gene gets to return to a city where he worked for many years as well as be closer to his daughter who is in school there. While it is a great opporunity for Gene I think it will be another great opportunity for us here at CBS46. Gene left us in a great position to build our weather department and that is what we will do over the months and years ahead.

If there is ever anything you do not understand or perhaps there is something missing that you want to see more of do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you!

Thanks for watching and supporting CBS46!



Anonymous said...! I loved Gene Norman! Good for him to get to go towards family, I will miss his reports. He set a new standard for weather reporting in the Atlanta area.

Anonymous said...

After staying up night after night to watch Gene Norman and seeing someone else, I decided to google and find out what happened. I'm glad to know that the move puts him closer to his family but very, very sad that he won't be delivering the news here in Atlanta. He will definitely be (is)missed!

Steve Mullins said...

After having my house hit by a tornado, I could always count on Gene Norman for indepth and accurate weather reporting! I remember times of bad weather after the tornado, and Gene would be on with special reports and not take a break until it was over. This mint alot when the tornados were only 10 miles from my back door again! HE WILL BE MISSED!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, we counted on seeing Gene, but wish him well in his new assignment.
Can't belive he left Hotlanta for HotHouston.

Anonymous said...

The loss of Gene Norman is devastating to CBS46 especially with the "airhead" Dagmar filling in. Get a clue CBS 46! I'm watching other stations local news.

John Cox