Sunday, December 16, 2007

wish book....

Remember the Sears wish book? It has probably been 15 years since I have seen one. I went to the Sears website today to see and I guess you can technically still order one, but with the technology of the internet and computers today I am sure it is not the same as it used to be.

I can remember each year when our wish book arrived in the mail. My sister and I would carefully go through and dog ear the pages of the stuff we wanted from Santa. During the weeks leading up to Christmas I probably went through and that book a million times adjusting my list over and over.

What do kids do these days I wonder? I suppose they 'bookmark' the links to the various items they want on the computer. Highly effective, but certainly not the same! There is a whole world of stuff out there to look at. The wish book consolidated it to a few hundred pages and that was more than enough!

I can remember when Transformers were the big toy and I certainly had my share. As I write this, I found a scanned page from the 1985 wish book. I can remember the layout of the Transformers. Absolutely perfect. Whoever designed it is obviously a genius! :-) The funny thing is, I had every Transformer in that add other than the dress up kit and the mat the kid was playing on!!! What a neglected kid I was! :-)

I admit that I have done a good amount of my shopping on line because of the convenience, but I do not know if there will ever be anything as great as the Sears Wish Book. I hope when I have kids some day that the Wish Book will still be around so I can teach them the art of dog earring the pages to create the perfect wish list!

I am working Christmas week, but this may be my last entry before Christmas. I am off this coming week to go visit my mom and dad in Florida and my wife's family in South Georgia. So in case it is... here is a look at our Christmas card for this year as well as the tree in our apartment.

Happy Holiday's to you and your family,


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