Thursday, December 13, 2007

Geminid Meteor Shower

For all you start gazers, you should have a pretty good chance to see some Geminid meteors tonight or tomorrow night across the metro area. The only thing that could hamper your viewing... clouds. I think that skies should clear out some by Friday night and there will still be some meteors to see... so be patient if we do not have any breaks overnight tonight!

The best time though for viewing will be late tonight and early Friday morning. As far as where to look... look toward the planet Mars. Right now the constellation Gemini is near Mars and the Geminid meteors appear from the constellation of Gemini. Mars is a bright yellow-orange looking 'star' and shines in the eastern sky during the evening hours.

The best time to see the most Geminids will be around 2am, but there will still be some you can see as early as 9 or 10pm or as late as sunrise. The two things that will help your viewing will be to get away from the city and its light pollution. Also, the moon is fairly small right now so moonlight will not be much of an issue.

As far as how many Geminids you will see, expect to see 1-3 meteors per minute!

For more the meteor shower and all things celestial. Feel free to visit this handy website...


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