Sunday, October 14, 2007

time flies...

Doesn't time seem to fly? On a daily basis I do not feel like the world is rushing by, but for me it is at certain moments that you notice how much time has passed by.

This weekend was my 15 year high school reunion. It is amazing to think that I have been out of high school longer than I was in elementary, middle, or high school combined! Remember how long it seemed like it took to get through school? Well now I have been through school more than twice!

It blows my mind the think that! High school does not seem that long ago, but when you put it in perspective like that it all of the sudden seems like ages ago! I am sure marriage will seem that way too. I have been married a little more than a year, but I am sure some day I will be like... have I been married 10-15-20 years! (not that it won't be fun if you are reading this honey!)

I am not sure where this is leading, but I guess it is important focus on each day and enjoy it to the fullest. So that way when you reach a milestone like a reunion or anniversary you can sit back and be amazed at all your experiences rather than amazed at the time that has flown by.

Have a great week!


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