Thursday, September 20, 2007

busy, busy...

As I blogged about the other week, the Mrs. and I went on a little beach/football vacation over Labor Day. We started off on Labor Day up in Clemson, SC for the FSU-Clemson game. While the result of the game was certainly not what I wanted, the tailgating with friends was great! Waiting from November to September for college football and tailgating is tooooooo looooonnnnnggggg! :-)

From Clemson we went down the the Gulf coast for a little R&R. The Mrs. definitely earned it with the spread she put together for the football game tailgate! The weather is perfect and because all the kids are back in school, we had the beach to ourselves! That is one of the best secrets of the Gulf coast... the Fall is the best time to visit... especially October when the weather is not as hot, but the water is still warm enough to swim. My wife and I spent time with the folks while we were there. Since Laura Huckabee was in charge of watching our cats, she asked us to bring back some sand for her. While I did not bring sand... I brought back the sound of the shore. Feel free to take a listen...

Seaside Sunset

While at the beach we slipped over to Tallahassee for the FSU-UAB game on September 8th. My wife's folks came down from Camilla to tailgate and go to the game with us. We had a great time! The game was closer than I would have liked and the offense has been downright offensive, but I really think things are going to turn around. Of course, they better turn around quick because we play Bama over in Jacksonville a week from Saturday. Since we got back from the beach trip it has been back to the old grind and trying to recover from the 'vacation.' I know, what a rough life!

Have a great week and see you this weekend!


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