Saturday, August 18, 2007

See the Space Station & Space Shuttle...

With the Shuttle Endeavour still in space you will have the opportunity to get a two for one when it comes to celestial viewing over the next few nights. You will be able to see the shuttle docked with the International Space Station tonight and Sunday. Now, if the shuttle does not end up coming home a day early (because of Dean) and undocks from the space station on Monday then we may get a chance to witness something very rare... a double spaceship transit across the night sky.

The space station and shuttle will appear as separate, bright points of light moving in tandem. Flyby times depend on where you live.

To see when it will be above your neighborhood as well as tips on how to see it you can click here...

See Endeavor and ISS

Now, it you are a little more into astronomy you can actually get a pretty good view of the space station these days with little more than a decent telescope. You can see solar panels, laboratories and living modules, a robotic arm and docked supply vessels.

Happy viewing!


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