Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Technology...

Whenever I go out to schools or meet folks around town they always ask me what it is I love about my job. There are many things to love about getting to do your hobby for live, but one of the cool things is the technology.

We have the latest and greatest technology to use here in the weather center. From what you see 'on TV' to what we use 'behind the scenes' to help us forecast the technology is always improving.

The above image was taken by a the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM Satellite). This satellite gives us never before seen picture of storms around the world. In the above image it is showing us where it is raining inside of what was Tropical Storm Dean (Dean is now a hurricane). This is important because before TRMM we had to almost guess where it was raining if the storm was not within reach of land based radar. In the link above you can see two images of Dean and see how the radar picture shows the improvement in the organization of 'Dean'.

So, there is just one small example what what makes my job so great.

The weekend is almost here!


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