Saturday, July 07, 2007

challenging times...

The other week when I was filling up my car (I do not fill up often since I live 1/2 mile from work) I started thinking about the challenges we face for those of us who like to end up with our gas totals on an even dollar amount. When gas was a buck or so it was fairly easy to stop on the even dollar. Only occasionally did we misfire and end on the dreaded .01. That meant we had to hope and pray we could make it back around to reach the goal... .00!

These days with gas prices 3x what they were 10 years ago, the gasoline rulette that we play is as challenging as ever. One slight click can mean several pennies of gas. If you stop on .99 you are almost guaranteed to go over the goal!

So, the next time you will the car see how good your game is when you try to hit .00! Are you ready for the major leagues? :-)

Have a great weekend!


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