Saturday, May 12, 2007

wild fires...

The wildfire across southern Georgia and northern Florida continues to rage this Saturday night. As a matter a fact, parts of I-10 and I-75 have been closed thanks to the fire.

The above picture and this one to the left is a satellite picture showing the smoke from the fires. The red dots indicate active blazes (as of Friday afternoon). If you look careful enough, you can see the black areas in between the dots. The smoke plumes stretch well out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The reason why the fires have moved toward Florida instead of scorching move of Georgia is because our winds have shifted to more out of the north and northeast thanks to what was Sub-Tropical Storm Andrea. You can also see what is left of Andrea off the Florida east coast in the above picture.

The same system that has been bringing the big storms to the metro area over the past two days should bring beneficial rain to southern Georgia and northern Florida. The only down side may be that it could also bring lightning. Lets hope the rains bring an end to Georgia's largest wildfire ever.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day! The weather should be warm and dry here in the metro area.


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