Saturday, April 07, 2007

spring cleaning...

Although we have been dealing with a winter's chill across the metro area it is still spring and many of us like to do a little spring cleaning around the house.

With an upcoming trip to a hurricane conference in the Bahamas (yes, there is work involved) my wife and I decided we need to shed a few lbs before we dare sport our swimsuits in public. Plus, a couple of my suites I wear at work were getting a bit snug (my wife is a great cook as you know if you read this blog regularly).

We decided on the Master Cleanser or Lemonade Diet. My wife knows several people at her work that have done it and they spoke highly of it so we are giving it a try.

If you are not familiar with it, it is a totally liquid diet. No food. Zip, zero, zilch food! Did I say no food? We are currently on day 4 of the diet. The surprising thing is we are actually surviving! Now, I am not saying I have not thought out stealing a happy meal from little kids... but we are getting by OK! :-) The second day was the roughest, but honestly you do not feel hungry. You do crave food though. Last night when my wife and I sat down at 7pm we looked at one another and did not know what to do! We typically have a glass of wine and plan on where we want to go to dinner, but not tonight! We managed to get it off our minds though by watching a movie on the old DVR.

So far in the 4 days of the diet I am down 5 lbs and my wife 8. Not too bad! We are planning on doing it until Tuesday before "coming off" the diet Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It is known as a diet, but actually it is a one of the best known methods for cleaning out your intestinal and colon walls. A spring cleaning of your body if you will.

As I said, we are getting by and I will make sure to share our results and thoughts next weekend when I blog and we are completely 'off' the diet.

Have a wonderful Easter (eat some chocolate for us) and stay warm! Warmer weather returns by mid-week!


P.S. I want to thank Cathy Gadlage in Duluth for submitting the beautiful spring picture above!

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