Sunday, March 18, 2007

When does Spring begin?

That question might seem a little simple, but when Laura Huckabee and I were looking at our calendar in the weather office this past week we found out that there may be some confusion as to whether Spring begins... on Tuesday or Wednesday?

You see, our calendar, like the one above, has the first day of spring as being Wednesday. But spring begins on Tuesday here in the metro area. You see, a lot of calendars place time sensitive events (first day of spring, winter, full moons, etc) according to their zulu time. Zulu time is the time it is in Greenwich, England. Right now that happens to be 4 hours ahead of us in Atlanta.

So, if it is 5pm here in Atlanta, it is 9pm in Greenwich, England. This year, the vernal equinox officially occurs at 12:07am Greenwich time on Wednesday. That means it will be 8:07pm on Tuesday here in Atlanta when the sun is officially over the equator before heading north toward the northern hemisphere.

As for our outlook weather wise for the spring ahead, currently the National Weather Service is expecting
near or slightly above average temperatures for the metro area and near normal precipitation. If we end up getting average precipitation that would be a good thing because so far for 2007 we are a good 5" below average and this is the time of year we need to get our rain because summer rains in Georgia are so spotty.

So, if you are not performing well in the NCAA tournament office pool you might be able to make back some of your money by betting on when spring begins here in Georgia!

Have a great week!


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