Friday, March 16, 2007

Kuwaiti Dust Storm

Looks like the weather back home is very spring like, and things here in Kuwait and Iraq are also heating up. But we can still get some pretty good storm systems this time of year. We had one such storm blow through Jordon to our west and dumped snow. That's like getting snow in Atlanta. Usually when a storm like that, they kick up a lot of dust in their wake. If you notice the photo above, it looks like a cloudy day. Well that's actually a lot of dust that is very fine and can burn your eyes pretty good. Now you know why our troops wear those goggles on their helmets. I lookf forward to just tracking pollen and not dust storms! Happy Saint Patrick's Day by the way. At least when I am in the Army, I am always wearing green. See you soon.

Greg Majewski

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