Friday, March 30, 2007

Frequent flyer Miles - Military Style

Its been a very busy last week for me in this theater of war. I made trips to three different posts in Iraq and a trip into the Green Zone in Baghdad. I flew in an UH-60 Blackhawk, C-130 Transport Plane and C-12 Executive Transporter. I have seen many of my fellow Soldiers working hard to do a job that most feel needs to be done. As I prepare to return back to Atlanta, I leave with a prayer for my fellow brothers in arms. I wish them a very safe return home to their loved ones and families. To those that will make the ultimate sacrifice, I say thank you and my God look after the ones you love. I am very grateful that I will soon be with my family and my TV one at CBS46. I am thankful that I will return home safely, with a lot more knowledge of what is actually going on here in Iraq. Television media serve a great purpose in telling the public the news of the day. I can honestly tell you that there is a lot that most of you will never see, small victories that the Iraqi people cherish. This kind of fanatic Islam must not be allowed to exist. The battles we fight in Iraq today, could one day move into our own backyard. Let's pray that it does not. I thank my colleagues for their support during my brief mission away. I look forward to getting back to weather basics and keeping you our viewers up to speed on your daily forecast. See you soon!

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