Friday, February 02, 2007

Winter Wonderland...

A winter wonderland is what some folks woke up to in North Georgia yesterday. Here in town, I had a nice layer of melting sleet on my car and that was about it! I am sure metro kids who had school were thinking about how those kids north of town always have all the luck! :-)

The heaviest snow was in the mountains of Lumpkin and Dawson Counties where travel was just terrible. Kids as far south as Cherokee, Forsyth, and Hall Counties got out of school and were able to enjoy an inch or two of snow before the warmer temperatures and rain melted it away.

For the first time I can remember here at CBS46 we used various webcams on the internet to see what was going on in your neighborhood. It was real effective I thought and kind neat. As I write this at about 10AM Friday you can see the webcam in Helen still shows some snow the on the ground.

The best part of these winter weather events are the pictures you, the viewers send us!! Here is one we got from Dial, GA which is near Blue Ridge in Fannin County. We have put together a slideshow of a bunch of the winter weather pictures you have sent us. You can see them by clicking here and then clicking on the link for the slideshow which is next to the 7 day forecast.

Of course, we do not need snow for you to send us a picture. We always welcome seeing what is going on in your neighborhood. Feel free to send your pictures to...

Have a great weekend!!


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