Saturday, February 24, 2007

Storm Spotters...

As you can tell from all the Blog entries, this week has been Severe Weather Awareness Week. This is the week that we as Georgians get ready for our severe weather season which runs from late March through April and into the first half of May. Granted we all know that we see severe weather in almost any month, but the spring is when we see our highest tornado threat.

With that in mind make sure to create your family plan. Perhaps you will also think about becoming a Storm Spotter for the National Weather Service? Storm Spotters are invaluable to both the National Weather Service and us here at CBS46.

I think some people confuse Storm Spotters and Storm Chasers. Just because you take a class does not mean you have to chase storms all over northern Georgia. Storm Spotters can simply just let us know what is going on where they live or happen to be if a storm is occurring.

You might wonder why, with our millions of dollars in technology would we need volunteers? The reason is all of our technology enables us to make an educated guesses of what is happening in a particular place, but nothing beats a pair of eyes to let us know that what we think is happening, is indeed happening.

For example, on January 7 when we were on the air warning of a possible tornado in Coweta County we were making that assumption based on the data we were looking at, but it was not until we got confirmation from a Storm Spotter that we knew for sure there was a tornado.

There are several classes in the weeks ahead if you are interested. The classes last 2 hours and they teach you the basics of the weather and what to look for. Here is link to the classes... Storm Spotter Classes

I did a story on Wednesday about Storm Spotters as well. To watch it click here...
Storm Spotter Story

Diane Lunsford is a typical Storm Spotter. She is a person that loves her community and wants to help. That is why she volunteers as a Storm Spotter. We hope you will think about sending storm reports and pictures to us at CBS46. You can do so via e-mail at... or by call us at 404-327-3000.

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