Saturday, February 10, 2007

All good things must come to an end...

As big fan of football (high school, college, pro... it doesn't matter) I sit watching the pro bowl here on CBS46 with a little sadness. Another football season has come to an end. Granted it was a little disappointing as far as my teams' performance. The Seminoles, Falcons, & Steelers all struggled, but still win or loss it was still football.

It's is funny how much football can consume our lives. Not only are there the games, but you have fantasy football, recruiting, the draft, etc. The other day I went to Frankie's on Roswell Road to meet with other Seminole fans to listen to an internet guru break down the recruiting class. Much like Georgia's, it was a class that was about filling needs. We needed offensive linemen and we got 7. It struck me while I was sitting there how much football has become a year round sport. So yes, the pro-bowl is the unofficial end to the football season, but I can rest easy knowing that the off-season conditioning program for Florida State begins Monday! That means there will be daily updates on performance testing, matt drills, etc. That will lead to the spring game which will lead to the NFL draft, which will lead to summer work-outs and eventually two-a-days!!!

Aren't you excited? Football season is almost here!

Have a great week!


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