Sunday, October 01, 2006

Harvest Moon...

Although there is not a lot of a fall feel in the air this Sunday with high temperatures into the 80s there is a sure sign that cooler weather is on the way... the harvest moon. The harvest moon will be here this Friday night (11:13pm).

As most of you know, the harvest moon is the full moon nearest the Autumnal equinox. The moon also happens to be at perigee. That means the moon is closest to the Earth for the month. This means the moon will appear just a bit larger than it typically does.

The reason why the harvest moon gets its name is from the fact that farmers who were harvesting their crops at this time of year were able to use the extra light of the harvest moon to continue the work in the fields.

So, although temperatures are expected to be in the 80s most of this coming week have no fear, one true sign that cooler weather is coming will shine upon us this Friday.

Have a great week!


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