Saturday, September 23, 2006

Raining Fish!?!

Last weekend my wife, an old college friend of mine, and I went to Tallahassee to take in the Florida State-Clemson. Since the result of that was not what we expected we were happy to get away from civilization and head to my wife's parent's lake house. The house is located on Lake Walter F. George which is south of Columbus on the GA/AL border.

We spent parts of 3 days at the lake and had a great time. Most of the time was spent relaxing and fishing. The one thing about going to the lake this time of year is that you pretty much have the whole place to yourself! Although we fished off the dock most of the time we did head out on the old pontoon boat a few times and each time we saw 1 or maybe 2 other boats at the most.

As far as the fish count... I started off quick out of the gate by hooking a couple of small catfish (pictured above) on one of our trips in the boat.

One cool thing about the boat trip was I was able to use my cellphone and keep track of approaching storms. I did it by using our on my Treo. At we have several radar views of the metro area, but you can also go to the animated radar view which allows you to adjust the view to whatever city you are near. The animated radar has arrows on it showing the storm motion and it will even tell you what the threat from the storm is... hail, tornado, or strong thunderstorm. By using it I was able to keep track of the approaching storms and time it out to give us enough time to put the boat on the lift and get inside before the first lightning strike got close to us. Once inside we were able to watch some pretty strong storms that produced white caps on the lake! Next time you are out and about give a try.

Now, back to the fish stories.... when our time at the lake was all said and done guess who had the biggest fish... by far? Of course, it was my wife! She caught this nice bass at around 11:30pm Monday night off the dock. She was actually fishing with a worm for catfish on the lake bottom, but ended up catching this nice large mouth bass!

When I first met my wife she had me hook, line, and sinker, but geeezzzz... she didn't have to rub it in by whipping me fishing too! Of course, putting a picture of her in her sweatshirt after a long day probably isn't going to keep me out of trouble!

Have a great week!


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