Sunday, September 10, 2006

Failure To Launch...

I got a lot of ribbing when the movie, "Failure To Launch", came out. When I got my job here at CBS46 I moved into mom and dad's house. I know, stop chuckling. In my defense... it made sense!! They lived close to where I work and since they spent a lot of time in Florida they needed someone to watch over things at the house. Plus, I knew I was about to get engaged and what better way to save a few bucks for a year than to not pay rent?

Still, the teasing from family and co-workers only got worse when Failure To Launch came out. I would try and make myself feel better by telling them that I did not live in their house, but rather in a really cool garage apartment that just happened to be above mom and dad's garage!

Despite the stigma and teasing, all went well over the year I lived with mom and dad.
I was finally forced out, mom and dad sold their house to move to Florida and I got married. It was nice saving money, but I guess it was time to grow up! :-)

Little did I know I was about to get some payback! Although my parents moved to Florida they still have a business up here. It is a seasonal business and thus not open a lot of the time. But still, they had to be open and work from mid-August until this past week. That meant they had no place to stay in Atlanta. Can you say payback?

Yes, mom and dad had to move in with me and my sister. Over the past month my parents had to split time staying with my sister and her family in Newnan and me and my wife here in Atlanta. I could not help but laugh at the irony of mom and dad now living with me.

With their busy time at work now over my roommates, err I mean mom and dad are heading back to Florida.

Have a great week!


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