Monday, August 21, 2006


What could that title possibly mean, you ask? It means that last night when I opened the door to go into my garage there was a dad gum snake at my doorstep!!!!
How is it that I can go years without seeing the slithering little varmets - and this summer alone, I've had the pleasure of stumbling upon TWO!!!
It was about 7:00 (pm) and I was taking the garbage to the big trashcan in the garage. This is pretty typical - trying to clean up after a relaxing weekend of diet coke, pizza hut delivery, and a few banana peels. My normal routine would be to open the door, take two steps down, and in one fatal swoop, toss the weekend leftovers into the trash.
Last night, however - with garbage (in sack) in hand, I turned the knob, opened the door, and thank the Lord above - glanced down to watch my step when....
Low and behold this 12 - 13 inch, skinny little snake squirmed right below my foot.
Oh yeah - I threw the garbage ----- not in the trash can where it was intended --- but lets just say it definitely went flying.
As fast as I could I slammed the door - ran for my cell phone - and immediately called my best "earth friendly" friend to find out what I should do.
Per my friends suggestion, I gently opened the door and quietly reached up to punch the garage door opener....
Armed with a push broom ( I know it's crazy, but it's all I had) and lightning speed, I swept the little snake away from the door and into the middle of the garage.
That little guy was wiggling and squirming like crazy.... he had to be the fastest little snake on the block.
I took only a few seconds to compose myself and set out to give him another sweeping shove out into the driveway.
Two sweeps later Sammy the snake was on his way to being reunited with those of his own kind right in my own front yard.
Throughout the rest of the night and even today Claudia and I have been on HIGH ALERT for any of Sammy's brothers and sisters that might still be lurking around the premises.
So far - no sign of them.
Again, thank the Lord.

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