Sunday, July 30, 2006

Time for school already?!?!

I can not believe it... the first day of school is tomorrow in Rockdale County! Where did the summer go? I mean, it still feels like summer, but over the next 2 weeks all the kids in metro Atlanta will head back to school and it will definitely still be shorts weather!

Maybe I am showing my age and maybe I am resistant to a little change, but when I was a kid in Pennsylvania the first day back to school was the day after Labor Day. Granted you did not get out of school until sometime in June, but it was always easy to remember and by the first week in September in Pennsylvania the summer feel outside was quickly ending. But here in Georgia the Dog Days have barely gotten started!

When I moved to Georgia in '86 school started earlier than in PA. We usually went back the last week of August and then got the long weekend for Labor Day. I am not sure where things went crazy, but when did July sound like a good time to end the summer break? I know that no time is a good time to go back to school, but what has changed in my 32 years that says going back to school close to fall is a bad thing? I would think it would be harder to focus in the summer heat! I turned out O.K. going back to school close to Labor Day, didn't I?

I am not sure where I am going with this, but when I was looking at the list of back to school days July 31st really stuck out to me. That means teachers started July 24th in Rockdale County and new teachers there started in mid July!!!! Can you even get school supplies that early?

I guess what I am saying is that kids and teachers... I feel your pain! I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you have a great start to the school year. Look at it this way... only 180 school days until next summer, er, I mean Spring.


School Start Dates

Rockdale County: July 31st
Cherokee County: August 1st
Henry County Schools: August 3rd
Hall County Schools: August 4th
Coweta County: August 7th
Forsyth County: August 7th
Paulding County: August 7th
Clayton County Schools: August 8th
Atlanta Public: August 14th
Fulton County: August 14th
Gwinnett County: August 14th
DeKalb County: August 14th
Douglas County: August 14th
Cobb County: August 14th

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