Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Sweetest Things......

So the other day Claudia (my almost three year old daughter) and I were at Town Center Mall doing a little early holiday browsing... when off in the distance ... we noticed that a small part of the North Pole had been plucked from way up in the latitudes - and plopped right in front of Rich's (oooops, I mean MACY'S.... old habits die hard) Christmas Store.

It was actually Claudia, otherwise known as "eagle-eye", that spotted the jolly ole man seasonally dressed in his red suspenders.
"Mommy!!!!" she shrieked, "I see Santa Claus!"
Holy Cow, you would have thought her fanny was on fire. She was out of control!!! She had just spotted the most important man in her world right now - and before I knew it she was pulling me hard and fast in his direction.

I mean, they have this whole Santa village - complete with giant size packages, enormous Christmas ball decorations, a little stuffed Rudolph-reindeer... and it's all nicely placed on a blanket of "felt-ish" white snow. Even the camera operators and order-takers are dressed like elves.

Santa, and the line up to Santa, are actually sort of roped off which means you have to stand in this line (somewhat resembling the early hour-or-so waiting lines at Space Mountain in Disney World back in the good old days before 'fast-pass') before you can get close to the jolly gent.
The problem is, we're on our last "pull up" (a "big-girl" diaper) and I don't think either of us has it in us to wait in line an hour or so before our next potty break.
Conflict! Motherly guilt sets in! What do I do? Please, Lord.....

The solution comes to me as we shimmy as close as we can to the edge of the rope separating us from conversation with the large elf...
"Wave to Santa Claus," I said uncomfortably loud in hopes the big guy might have mercy on us and throw a quick smile our way.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus and as if following the cues of a script, the Town Center Santa turned his head, looked directly at my daughter, and waved at her with a smile that would have melted your heart!

Claudia was in shock! Her eyes were glazed over (much like the first time her mama met John Taylor, bass player for Duran Duran). The man of her dreams had given her a smile and a wave and her little life would never be the same.

"He waived at me Mommy! He waived at me!....Santa Claus waved at me."
She was so happy that I really wanted to cry. It was the most precious thing I'd ever seen. Her joy and happiness were so pure -
Maybe my life will never be the same.
Thank you, GOD for my daughter. I am truly blessed!

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